Humble Project (2021/DONE)


Status #

Background #

In the early of 2021, I started to learn about more about Terraform, GitOps and CI/CD while doing site reliability engineering works at Axon. So thinking about a project that could help me learning by doing make me excited. But no good idea hits me until there is one inspiring project from my co-worker: a homelab project that build a bare metal Kubernetes cluster. So I started the first project of 2021 called the "Humble" project.

Objectives #

The objectives are quite simple to achieve:

Overall #

Besides the main objectives, I have tried to implement the code with best practices for infrastructure-as-code, figuring out the approaches with different set of tools and frameworks, combining them together for a better DevOps solution. So far, I consider the project is successful with all of my expectations.

You could visit the code base before the next project (Re:Humble) at the [link to v0.1.0 release].