Humble is the theme


Let's start this blog off with why I have this project in the first place. In the year of 2020, I was an arrogant kid who thinks he could build up a whole automated infrastructure from scratch for a tech startup GroveHR which I did but there's still missing something, some flaws that I couldn't see through. So I left that company where I was solo-ing the whole time and joined a more "enterprise" company. At the new company, I've met many talented people those have the same/different thoughts on the SRE/DevOps subject, and I had some fun conversations, debates with them. This brings me constracting perspectives that I never had before as a solo SRE; I learned from the Seniors and also the one that more junior than me! That is when I opened myself (and my eyes) up.

So 2021, started with the Humble project where I made some baby-steps toward the bare metal infrastructures, and DIY k8s home cluster. The name of project keeps reminding me of how inexperience I am and there is a lot to learn from other people.

Shoutout to the SRE teammates at Axon, the great developers/QA I have been working with.