2023 Kick Off


... #

Yeah let's kick this off on a high note of my recent promotion to Diamond in Overwatch ...errmm I mean Senior SRE at Axon WOOHOO!! And let's just ignore the fact that I missed && failed to complete a several goals last year, such as working on the Yuta project, go to the gym, read Linux from scratch, or get a driver's license.

This year, I will set more unrealistic goals and projects in a hope of the future me a.k.a the better me would be able to accomplish them.

Goals #

Go to sleep early #

I've been working hard for the past two years, forgetting that I'm only (technically) human. By going to bed early, I can have more time for my family and myself and less overnight meetings, as my awesome manager already told me to do before this ever decided.

Hit the gym #

The fact that I don't go to the gym or play any sports is a major contributor to my current unhealthy lifestyle. And each year, I get a little bit weaker.

Be more relax at work #

Set a 3-big-NO rule for unplanned works

Projects #

Stalker-chan #

My stalkability has grown to a certain level, but the performance and output are simply unacceptable. So let's build a stalking bot to help me out with this. This bot will collect data from Tweets, GitHub, and blog articles and report it to me.

Yuta #

The same Yuta last year, I will finalize the new architecture with just the stack of Python, rasa.io, and Slack.

I could later on integrate Yuta with Stalker-chan!

Humble #

Continuously improve and maintain the project. I still have some works for Humble though they are more focused on stabilizing the project and introducing more best practices than new features.

And that's it for now. I will probably add more soon. Loading meme ...


(None of these are finished ...)