2021 Recap


A look back at 2021, which I consider to be a great year filled with sound judgements.

The transition to 'The other side' #

I asked and was moved to a new team at Axon that focuses on system observability and identification platform (OBID), which includes a lot of fascinating (to me) projects, at the beginning of 2021. I began to move more quickly and powerfully than before. At least 150 percent of my effort had gone into this. I've worked more than 12 hours a day with the sole purpose of attaining the team's objectives.

On the other hand, I started the Humble project and spent time establishing a home lab that houses all of my infrastructure and services.

The big project and 'We made it' #

In the middle of 2021, I concentrated on the Prometheus-Grafana-Cortex (PCG) project, which aims to replace DataDog as Axon's monitoring system. I was considered by my line manager to be a vital contributor of the PCG architecture. One of my proudest achievements was refactoring PCG's infrastructure code to make it more DRY; we went from 1000 lines of code per environment to 20 lines of code!

We successfully transitioned away from DataDog and into the new Cortex and Grafana platform.

Aside from that, I've contributed to a number of PCG-related projects, including UDP proxy, Promitor and OpenTelemetry.

With all of this, I eventually received the promotion that I deserved.

The 'HUMBLE.' project #

I completed the Humble project by the end of the year with the assistance of one of my coworkers. I learned a lot throughout the project. I developed and automated the bare metal layer with a couple of NEC boxes, and with a single command, I was able to build up a completely functional Kubernetes cluster from scratch.

'In the end' .. it does matter! #

In short, I'm proud with what I've accomplished this year and excited for the next.

Biggest thanks to everyone who has assisted me this year, and I wish you all the best!